An Earth-Friendly Alternative

Danfield, Inc., the only leather finishing plant operating in the western United States, has developed the first 100% environmentally-conscious method for processing leather.  Inspired by his California lifestyle to respect earth’s resources, Vahe Imasdounian, a third generation tanner and Danfield, Inc. owner, created EcoHides, an earth-friendly alternative to high quality leather.

By utilizing natural colorants, vegetable products and waxes, Danfield created EcoHides, a soft and pliable leather, without harming the environment.  Danfield’s commitment to produce a product in complete harmony and respect for Mother Nature and its natural eco-systems rests not only in EcoHides but in how Imasdounian runs the facility.  Danfield alleviates its affect on the environment by reducing the plant’s energy consumption, minimizing production waste and using recycled water to treat the hides.

Prepared in a variety of in-stock or custom colors and finishes with very short lead times, the leather hides are available directly to the public on or to interior designers and manufacturers by contacting their sales office.  Produced locally in Los Angeles, EcoHides is distributed throughout the United States.

Traditional Tanning Process Spoils Our Natural Resources

The conventional tanning technique is a complex chemical process used to transform perishable raw hides into durable leather at the expense of our natural resources. The chrome and other heavy metals used in preparation of leather hides are pollutants that emit toxic fumes and contaminate the air and water which then seep into the environment. 


EcoHides Benefits the Environment and the Industry

The natural manufacturing process is not only environmentally-friendly, but creates a better product.  EcoHides leather is breathable and easier to shape without pleats or creases, and has a higher flexibility of use than chemically treated hides.

Danfield is a pioneer in the field of eco-friendly leather products.  The EcoHides method has reduced their V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds which measure the chemicals used) emission to nearly zero while the AQM standard (Air Quality Management) is above-levels.

A Unique One-Two Punch

As the only leather finishing plant located between Wisconsin and Korea, Danfield, Inc. uses modern, precision machinery which allows the company to balance large and small runs with a fast turn-around and personalized service.  Danfield produces quality products using reputable and well respected sources for its raw materials.

No other readily available 100% environmentally produced leather goods exist on the market.  EcoHides leather is comfortable to the touch and easily malleable compared to chemically treated hides.  Due to the natural process and vegetable products used in the finishing process, the product is 1.2mm thick as opposed to the 1mm thickness of the conventional hides on the market. This additional thickness and the lack of toxic chemicals produce a better hand and a “rounder” product.


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