Mission: Danfield Inc.’s commitment to produce a product in complete harmony and respect for Mother Nature and its natural eco-systems has resulted in EcoHides™, an earth-friendly alternative to high quality leather. 
Description: EcoHides™ is the first 100% environmentally-conscious method for processing leather.  By utilizing natural colorants, vegetable products and waxes, Danfield created EcoHides™, a soft and pliable leather, without harming the environment. 
Process: EcoHides™ uses no minerals or metals during the tanning process. All materials are derived from sustainable, farm bred, Mimosa trees. The natural extract from the trees are used to produce the materials necessary for tanning leather without the use of any toxic heavy metals.
Advantages: The natural manufacturing process is not only environmentally-friendly, but creates a better product.  EcoHides™ leather is breathable and easier to shape without pleats or creases, and has a higher flexibility of use than chemically treated hides.
Eco-Difference: The conventional tanning technique is a complex chemical process in which the pollutants used emit toxic fumes and contaminate the water which seeps into the environment.  Danfield is a pioneer in the field of eco-friendly leather products.  The EcoHides™ method has reduced their V.O.C. emission to nearly zero while the AQM is above-standards.
Availability: Prepared in a variety of in-stock or custom colors and finishes with very short lead times, the leather hides are available directly to the public on EcoHides™.com or to interior designers and manufacturer by contacting their sales office.  Produced locally in Los Angeles,
  EcoHides™ is distributed throughout the United States.
Retail Price: $14.95 per square foot.
Commitment: Danfield, Inc. is committed to alleviating its affect on the environment by reducing the plant’s energy consumption and minimizing production waste.  Thirty percent of the water used to treat the hides is recycled.  Owner Vahe Imasdounian has future plans to implement solar and steam energy to be more efficient and shrink Danfield’s carbon footprint.

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